About Us

Herkimer Publishing™ & Training is run by Sharon Lynn (right) and Lorenzo Guescini. We set up our first publishing company in 2007 and have two imprints covering most subjects. Having created a number of our own products, we are now dedicated to helping you bring your passion into print and achieve your own writing, creating & publishing dreams. We pride ourselves on getting you writing and published in an easy, enjoyable and supported way. We offer a personalised service, holding your hand as much or as little as you need. Not only does our training teach you what you need to know, we also teach you how to do it, so if you wish to do it all yourself we can give you all the tools and information you need. However, if you wish to outsource, we show you how to do that too – even the actual writing part!

We offer a full range of publishing services and packages through either of our two publishing companies. We also run the inspiring Get Writing, Get Published! Courses and one to one mentoring programmes, where you can come with just an idea and be published within weeks. In fact, even if you have no idea what you would like to write about, we can still get you writing and published and holding your very own book before you know it!

What would having your own book mean to you?
What could having a book written by you mean for your business?

We are happy to help you get published in any genre (so long as it’s legal!), but we specialise in helping business people create a book that can really work for them and help grow their business. We also work with entrepreneurs & creatives, who don’t necessarily have a fully-fledged business yet, and help them to create a business around their book.

Our approach to publishing is pretty straightforward, we believe:

  • Authors should benefit from their books either directly (through sales) or indirectly (through using the book to boost their business)
  • All books should look and feel great (high quality from design to production)
  • Publishing is a partnership and a publisher should be able to assist in any aspect of the writing and publishing process (including how to identify and write the best book for you)
  • Authors should have access to innovative strategies to help get the most from their book

A brief history...

The short(ish) version is that Lorenzo always wanted to be an author and own his own publishing company. Then in 2006 Sharon got the idea in her head to create a deck of oracle cards (similar to tarot). She submitted to a number of new age publishers, and typically, no one was interested. Not letting that stop her she set up their first self-publishing company! So Lorenzo got what he had always dreamed of (albeit of a mystical nature) and Sharon got her deck of oracle cards. So in 2007 Mystic Mouse® Publishing was born. The cards proved to be a great success selling thousands of decks all around the world.

There are now two publishing imprints - Mystic Mouse® (for all things ‘new age’) and Herkimer™ (for everything else). Lorenzo & Sharon have created a number of their own products over the years (including books, card decks & CDs) and in 2014 they became very aware that there are many people who really want to get published, but are maybe struggling to make it happen. So, they held the hands of their first three authors, took them step by step through the process of writing & publishing - and that’s how the Get Writing, Get Published™ courses & Herkimer Training™ were born!

About Sharon

Where do we start with Sharon? Someone recently called her “A Multi-dimensional Entrepreneur!” and that pretty much sums it up. I’ll let her share with you a little more on her past and who she thinks she is these days!

“After an eclectic mix of jobs from the age of 16, I finally became self-employed in 2000 and have ‘worn many hats’ over the years - including that of Intuitive, Creative, Author, Musician, Healer & Facilitator of Change; bringing transformation to those who are ready. I met my husband, Brian, in 1998 at a clairvoyant evening and let’s just say life has never been the same! I found myself on stage giving demonstrations of mediumship within three weeks of meeting him, so I am no stranger to talking to large groups of people.

We took on a ‘new age’ stall at our local shopping centre where people kept asking to find out more about spiritual & complementary health, so being the entrepreneur that I am I decided to organise my first event with local readers, healers, therapists & retailers. These were very successful and grew & developed over many years culminating in a huge 5 day event that took place in 2006 at the Kent Event & Exhibition Centre.

Since then I have organised & run a number of retreats and workshops and more recently I've organised talks and fundraising events for a charity very close to my heart - Medical Detection Dogs - and, of course, I also organise our Get Writing, Get Published™ Courses. So as well as being an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Charity Fundraiser, Event Organiser & Entrepreneur, I also consider myself a heart-centred Business Owner. Director of Herkimer Publishing Ltd and co founder of Mystic Mouse Publishing and Herkimer Publishing & Training.

A little known fact about me: Much to Lorenzo's utter disdain, I love the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent & Amercian Idol (as contrived as they can be) because I absolutely love seeing people’s dreams come true. If it is in my capability, I will help others dreams come alive - whatever they may be".

If you would like to know way more about Sharon, she is writing a book (for release sometime in 2016) called If Bees Can Fly...From Benefits to Benefactor the Multi-dimensional Way. Anyone that knows her will tell you she can talk for England on many subjects, which is to be expected for a Gemini, but she's refrained from doing that here, otherwise you won't get to bed tonight!

About Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a collection of atoms roughly configured into human form. In accordance with Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, it is not possible to know, with any degree of accuracy, where he is and what he is doing at any given time (much to the annoyance of his colleagues).

From a more conventional perspective, he is an author, designer, trainer and consultant. He has not travelled extensively, he doesn’t participate in extreme sports (or even moderate ones) and he has never held a high powered job in the foreign office, been a spy, an international gunrunner or a member of a boy band. He enjoys a quiet life in East Sussex and, when he's not in the office, you can usually find him writing, creating artwork, walking, playing the guitar (badly...seriously, really badly) or just thinking about stuff.

Lorenzo, is what Sharon calls, “a technical wizard”. Up until December 2015 he was responsible for creating everything to do with the two publishing companies, from web design, to book covers, typesetting, formatting and all the incredible products available through Mystic Mouse® Publishing. He also created the Wolf Life Path cards which are helping to raise money and awareness for a charity close to his heart - the UK Wolf Conservation Trust.