Liz Almond is a spiritual teacher, therapist, coach and business mentor with an extraordinary story. Having regained her health, wealth and happiness she now inspires other business owners through her one-to-one sessions and workshops to understand the power of the mind.

Are You Worth It? Book

By Liz Almond

The richness of life is not about
how much money you have in your bank.

Starting a business is easy. Staying in business is the hard part. Only one in five businesses survives. The main reasons for lack of success are poor cash flow and ineffective financial planning.

  • Is being in business much tougher than you thought it would be?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and not good enough?
  • Is your lack of success showing up in your finances?

This book will benefit any new business owner or one who is struggling financially, to gain the success they desire. Find out why your spiritual path is the key to understanding yourself, where you are going in life, and to find true success and happiness. Change your destiny by completing the exercises and by using the mindfulness techniques taught, so that you can experience a rich and fulfilling future without worrying about what is in your bank account. By understanding yourself, you will make more informed financial choices within your business.

Wendy Eagle

An essential book for not only all business owners, but for anyone who wants to release themselves from fi nancial negativity. I never realised that my past and upbringing would affect me so dramatically. A must read.

​Be prepared to be empowered, inspired and transformed by reading this book. By using this spiritual guide, you will transform your thinking to understand how to live from an abundant rather than scarcity mindset. Just watch how you will manifest abundance and have the life that you desire as well as an inspirational and healthy business.

Your health is your wealth...

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