From Yellow to Golden

The Stately Heritage of the Golden Retriever
by Malcolm Morecroft

From the forests around Inverness to fashionable Park Lane, London, this is the fascinating story of a small group of individuals, whose lives intertwined across the social classes to develop one of today's most beloved breeds of dog - the Golden Retriever.

Spanning more than seventy years, From Yellow to Golden is a social and family history of seven people whose contributions were pivotal in the development of the breed. It was their devotion that helped make the Golden Retriever so successful as a working dog and in the show ring. They have left a lasting legacy. It is a legacy that is enjoyed by tens of thousands of owners around the world today.

Malcolm Morecroft Author

The people I have written about in this book came from all levels of society - from those who attained great wealth in the corporate and financial arenas, to politicians whose families represented a constituency from one generation to the next; and from those of independent means to those who worked on the land, their daily routine dictated by the seasons of the year. Some worked alongside each other and, despite their different status in life, forged a mutual understanding and respect that spanned the decades. But what brought them all together was their dedication to the development of one of today's most beloved breeds of dog: the Golden Retriever.

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1: Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks - Setting the Scene
2: Edward Marjoribanks - Following in his Father’s Footsteps
3: Duncan MacLennan - The Faithful Servant
4: Thomas Weir Walker - A Well Known Character
5: Donald Macdonald - Dedicated Keeper and Showman
6: Lewis Vernon Harcourt - Winning Gold
7: Mrs Winifred Maude Charlesworth - Foundations for the Future

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