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If you haven't taken the Get Writing, Get Published Course yet, WHAT are you waiting for! These guys are the real deal - if I, a 48 year old Tradesman, can get published and even dream to sell 3,000 in three weeks then so can you. Don't sit on your dreams any longer. Don't let this be one of those regrets, one of those "I wish I had..." opportunities that slips passed you. This is achievable and if it was double the price it would be worth every penny. I can now proudly say: I am Published - I am an Author!

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James Dewane Bestselling Author of The S.P.A.R.K.S. Blueprint
Liz Almond
'Are You Worth It!'
(Course Attendee)

After just the first day of the course, I registered my title, clarified my chapter headings and had 4,000 words written within a few days! I am so impressed with this course I've already recommended five friends!

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Working with Herkimer Publishing™ has been an absolute pleasure & extremely beneficial. They have always shown a most positive and focused attention to detail in the presentation of the finished article. I would not hesitate to work with them again. My wife & I agree that the money we have spent has been well worth it, for what we regard as a quality product.

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Malcolm Morecroft Author of From Yellow to Golden
Nicola Tonsager 'Working with Angelic Signatures'
(Course Attendee)

Inspiring, professional and productive - working with Sharon and Lorenzo really enabled me to understand the process and work of writing which is just as important as the creative aspects. 3 months after finishing their course I have a book published and another one almost complete! There can be no greater result from a Get Writing, Get Published course than that!

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Getting your book out there opens up so many opportunities. My book has only been out for a week and I have 2 joint ventures and interest from a professional body, plus quite a few sales of the book itself.

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Sally Marshall 'Delegate to Elevate' (Course Attendee)
Anwen Cooper
Get Fruitful Marketing
(Course Attendee)

I recently attended the Get Writing, Get Publishing course with Herkimer Publishing, run by Sharon Lynn and Lorenzo Guescini. Having previously written and published their own books and other resources, Sharon and Lorenzo have plenty of first-hand experience in how to make the creative and technical process of producing a publication as easy and effective as possible. They generously share their personal experiences and passion for the subject and make it all seem so do-able. I would recommend their course to anyone who wants support with developing an idea for a book or indeed a series that can help you to grow your business, or even become the catalyst for a whole new business.

Anwen's book is arriving soon!

I can recommend Herkimer Publishing. Having spent time with the team, I know that as long as I put the time in, this is going to work. If you want to get your book out there in a professional and affordable manner, these are the guys to help you with motivation, support and guidance.

I've written fiction from a young age which developed into short stories, reviews and magazine articles. The longed-for book remained elusive until I met Sharon and Lorenzo. The skills I learned on this short course have encouraged me and confirmed that I can do this. The course is like a Tardis, small on the outside, with the whole world enclosed within.

Lucy Pappas
(Course Attendee)
Wendy Eagle
(Course Attendee)

I am looking forward to finally putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys, to write of an experience that happened to me many years ago. It totally changed my life and put me onto a journey that I could never have imagined. I have wanted to write this book for over 20 yrs, but never had the expertise, confidence or support that I have found in Herkimer Training. Now that I have, its all systems go because I know I can do it (with a little help from my friends).

I had no I idea what to expect from the course. The two days were intensive and there was so much valuable information to take in. The passion and energy from Lorenzo and Sharon really motivated me. My ideas for my childrens' books were just that, ideas. But after this course you realise that you can make them a reality. There is nothing to stop you getting your book published except yourself. The authors forum has been supportive and a great place to chat and share ideas. I have done more in the few weeks following this course than I have in the year before it.

Sara Ladbrook
(Course Attendee)
Paul Palmer
(Course Attendee)

I had been considering writing a book for several years when I was referred to Sharon Lynn by a friend of mine. I found the course really practical providing a structured approach not only to writing but also dealing with issues such as writers block. They even explained the publishing process and inspired me to get writing and get published